Covid-19 Offerings from Northern Nevada's Interfaith Community

April 7, 2020: Offering from Universal Society of Hinduism

Excerpted from the Rig-Veda, the world’s oldest extant scripture.

यो विश्वा॒भि वि॒पश्य॑ति॒ भुव॑ना॒ सं च॒ पश्य॑ति ।

 स नः॑ पू॒षावि॒ता भु॑वत् ॥


yah visva abhi vi-pasyati bhuvana sam ca pasyati

sah nah pusa avita bhuvat.


That which intensely oversees the universe from above

And fully sees the truth behind all things

May He protect us all.




Submitted by Rajan Zed
President, Universal Society of Hinduism
Covid-19 Offerings from Northern Nevada's Interfaith Community

April 7, 2020: Offering from Temple Sinai

You who are the Source of all blessings, be with this community and all of its members, their families and their households. Fervently we invoke Your blessing upon our community, city, state, and our world.

May our leaders, those in positions of leadership and responsibility, those we have set in authority, and those entrusted with our wellbeing and safety, sustain us. May they be blessed with vision. May their humility and empathy guide them as they guide us. May their strength, sacrifice, and sight be our help.

May we be blessed with vision. May we be able to see each other, as brothers and sisters, as a family united. May we see our neighbors as ourselves. May we be able to see those who struggle, and see ways to offer aid, assistance, and comfort. May we see each other across our distances, our fear, and even our grief. May we see instances of humanity and goodness, amidst the darkness and fog of isolation. May we see as miracles, the achievements and accomplishments, even small, that make us healthy and whole again. May we see a future of health, happiness, and peace.

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, po-kayach ivreem.

Praised are You, Adonai, Sovereign of the Universe, who opens our eyes.

Submitted by Rabbi Benjamin Zober
Temple Sinai
Covid-19 Offerings from Northern Nevada's Interfaith Community

April 6, 2020: Offering from NiCE

Odes of Solomon – Ode 6

As the wind glides through the harp and the strings speak,

So the Spirit of the Most High speaks through my members, and I speak through Their love.

For They destroy whatever is alien, and everything is of the Most High.

For thus it was from the beginning, and will be until the end.

So that nothing shall be contrary, and nothing shall rise up against Them.

The Most High has multiplied Their knowledge, and They were zealous that those things should be known which through Their grace have been given to us.

And Their praise They gave us on account of Their name, our spirits praise Their Holy Spirit.

For there went forth a stream, and it became a river great and broad; indeed it carried away everything, and it shattered and brought it to the Temple.

And the barriers which were built by humans were not able to restrain it, nor even the arts of them who habitually restrain water.

For it spread over the surface of all the earth, and it filled everything.

Then all the thirsty upon the earth drank, and thirst was relieved and quenched;

For from the Most High the drink was given.

Blessed, therefore, are the ministers of that drink, who have been entrusted with that water.

They have refreshed the parched lips, and have aroused the paralyzed will.

Even living persons who were about to expire, they have held back from death.

And limbs which have collapsed, they have restored and set up.

They gave strength for their coming, and light for their eyes.

Because everyone recognized them as the the Most High’s, and lived by the living water of eternity.


Submitted and adapted by Rev. Sean Savoy
Chairman, Nevada Prayer Breakfast 2020
Director, Nevada Interfaith Coalition for Equality
and Inclusion
Covid-19 Offerings from Northern Nevada's Interfaith Community

April 6, 2020: Offering from NIA

Mortal fear vs Godly fear 

In our daily lives, we are aware through the media of criminal activities, famine, wars, natural disasters , terrorist activities, corruption and disease which causes any of us to experience fear. Living in Reno, to a large extent, we have not been subjected to the calamities which we read about and see on TV in the overwhelming numbers that affect others in distant locations. Until now, that is , for today the global threat of Covid-19 has the capability of spreading far and wide and ultimately, it has come to our community. This threat is altering all of our lives and is producing great fear and anxiety. 

I recently read a talk by David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which I found to be helpful in putting my fears in perspective. I would like to share some of the main points that he made with you. 

Mortal fear creates alarm and anxiety. This distressing emotion of fear arises due to impending danger, uncertainty or pain through experiences a that are unexpected, sometimes sudden, and a negative outcome is produced. Fear and uncertainty is clearly visible to us as we see grocery shelves empty and hoarding takes place, see stores closing, see schools close, events being cancelled and measures being taken to try to social distance everyone to abate the eventual spread of the virus. 

Mortal fear has been with us from the Fall of Adam and Eve. In Genesis 3:9-10 we read that Adam answered God’s call by saying “I heard they voice…., and I was afraid.” Bednar asks, “…but can we hush our fears that so easily and frequently beset upon our world today? Yes, the basic principles are central to receiving that blessing in our lives: look to Christ, building upon the foundation of Christ, and press forward in faith in Christ.” 

The word fear in Godly fear has a totally different meaning: it is to respect, revere, and to trust with confidence in Christ. Unlike worldly fear that creates alarm and anxiety, godly fear is a source of peace, assurance, and confidence. “When we fear God we have a reliance on His merits, mercy and grace which leads to hope, through his Atonement, and to Resurrection and eternal life. Hope such as this brings into our lives the sweet peace of conscience. The Atonement made repentance possible and strengthens us to see, do and become good in ways we could never recognize or accomplish with our Mortal capacity.” From Philippians 4:7 we read that the blessings of discipleship is “peace of God, which passeth all understanding.”

Godly fear as the scriptures certify is “the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs1:7), “the instruction of wisdom” (Proverbs 15:33), “a strong confidence” (Proverbs 14:26, and “a fountain of life”( Proverbs 14:27. Ecclesiastes 12:13-124 tells us to “Fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.” This Godly fear dispels mortal fears. For we believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. (Articles of Faith1:5). 

Godly fear is loving and trusting in Him. As we fear God more completely, we love Him more perfectly. And “perfect love casteth out all fear.” “The bright light of godly fear will chase away the dark shadows of mortal fears as we look to the Savior. He is our Redeemer and because of Him “our hearts need not be troubled or afraid (see John 14:27) and our fears will be hushed by His blessings.”

Submitted by Patricia Meidell
President, Nevada Interfaith Association
Public Affairs Director,
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Covid-19 Community Messages

Message from the Mayor

To the Interfaith Community

Our world is forever changed because of the pandemic that has taken the health and lives of so many across the planet. Yet this is not a time for fear and panic, but rather a time to reflect on the true meaning of life and humanity. For those who observe their faith, and for those agnostic, atheistic or unaffiliated with religion, we are all united. We are united by our common good and the connections we all share, no matter our differing beliefs and practices. We will rise together and thrive.

Hillary Schieve, Mayor of the City of Reno, Nevada