Covid-19 Community Messages


To: Nevada Interfaith Association
From: Matthew Fisher, Reno Buddhist Center

Dear Church Leaders,

With the new CDC guidance strongly recommending cloth mask wearing in public we can empower our congregations to help others with their sewing skills. Many churches and temples are blessed with people skilled in sewing. Everyone who is going out for necessities now needs to know they may also be spreading the virus. Remember 50% of those infected have no symptoms. We can protect others by wearing a mask in public. All people who are shopping should be wearing a “cloth face covering” mask.

But here is the problem: They may have no place to get a mask. With “Make a Mask – Get a Mask”, we encourage members of your congregation who can sew! to make some masks and drop them at your church or temple. Then other members who need a mask can get a mask there. *excess masks will be donated to Renown and Saint Mary‚Äôs.

Ideally, your place of worship can be a collection/distribution point. If you are closed up, your mask-making-members can drop-off masks they have made at Reno Buddhist Center, 820 Plumas St. Reno . We have a collection box out front. If you need masks, email us and we will put them out for you to pick-up. Our email is

Thank you for making it easier for people to limit the spread!
If you have questions just email us.


ūüôŹ Rev. Matthew

Reno Buddhist Center
820 Plumas St. Reno.

Covid-19 Offerings from Northern Nevada's Interfaith Community

April 8, 2020: Offering from Reno Buddhist Center

Buddhist Protection and Healing Blessing

Kannon Bodhisattva, inside your Mothering arms 
We seek protection from destructive forces that surround 
Protect the mind from hurtful thoughts and images 
Protect the mouth from speaking harsh and unnecessary words 
Protect the body from physical harm 
Protect our home from the energy that seeks to destroy 
Protect children and guide them to be of strong heart and mind in the face of adversity 
Protect our spirit and guide us this day 
For strength and power we find in you. 
Deep in our bones Kannon is alive, 
Deep in our cells and blood Life Force is strong, 
Deep in our heart and spirit, 
We believe healing will come. 
Abundant Life Force of the Universe flow in all of us, 
Banish this disease. 
From the blood, bones, and cells of all those afflicted 
We visualize healing now…We are healing now…¬†
Your Bodhisattva force is strong and healing now …¬†
A warm blanket of infinite compassion for the world! 

Submitted by the Revs. Matthew and Shelley Fisher
Resident Priests, Reno Buddhist Center