To: Nevada Interfaith Association
From: Universal Society of Hinduism

Embracing Community In Prayer During Covid-19
Offerings from Northern Nevada’s Interfaith Community
Tuesday Afternoon Offering
Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us:

Excerpted from the Rig-Veda, the world’s oldest extant scripture.

यो विश्वा॒भि वि॒पश्य॑ति॒ भुव॑ना॒ सं च॒ पश्य॑ति ।
स नः॑ पू॒षावि॒ता भु॑वत् ॥

yah visva abhi vi-pasyati bhuvana sam ca pasyati
sah nah pusa avita bhuvat.

That which intensely oversees the universe from above
And fully sees the truth behind all things
May He protect us all.


Submitted by Rajan Zed
President, Universal Society of Hinduism