About NIA

Welcome to Nevada Interfaith Association!

For all the differences that give each religious tradition its own unique legacy and vision, in terms of values there is so much we share. The Nevada Interfaith Association exists as a welcoming, multi‐faith network of religious and spiritual leaders in Nevada to bring diverse religious communities together with the aim of increasing mutual understanding and respect.

As a fellowship, the Nevada Interfaith Association promotes collaborative and cooperative relations, encourages the sharing of information among all faiths, advances multi‐faith participation, and fosters a climate favorable to diverse religious and spiritual expression. We work with our members and the community at large to support inclusion, kindness, charity, love, and respect among all religious groups and residents of Nevada.

Our goal is to understand and honor all faiths, cultures and beliefs. We create an environment of understanding through communication, having an open mind and open heart, and joining together to focus on what unites us, while respecting how we differ.

The upholds religious freedom and liberty in Nevada as protected by the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

We invite you to learn more about Nevada Interfaith Association by joining us at one of our events, subscribing to our newsletter, or by becoming a part our fellowship today as a member or affiliate.

Our Logo

The logo of the Nevada Interfaith Association is a visual representation of our diversity. The individual color petals are in the shape of the great state of Nevada, each coming together to create a beautiful and diverse color palette, representative of the multi-faith and spiritual organization and people that join together to create a whole community, the Nevada Interfaith Association.

Our History

With a long history in Nevada, the Nevada Interfaith Association has been reinvigorated to include new events, programs, and outreach opportunities.

Our Coordinating Council

Patricia Meidell, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Rev. Matthew Fisher, Reno Buddhist Center

Council Members:
Chaplain Sherman Baker, VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System
Dr. Bradley Corbin, Baha’i Faith
Dr. Sherif Elfass, Northern Nevada Muslim Community
Rev. Sarah Johnson, Lord of Mercy Lutheran Church
Fr. Jorge Herrera, Little Flower Church, Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno
Rev. Dr. William Stomski, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Rajan Zed, Universal Society of Hinduism
Rabbi Benjamin Zober, Temple Sinai

Executive Assistant:
Pamela Kellerstrass, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints