About NIA

We are the Nevada Interfaith Association!

For all the differences that give each religious tradition its own unique legacy and vision, there are so many values we share. The Nevada Interfaith Association exists as a welcoming, multi‐faith network of religious and spiritual leaders in Nevada to bring diverse religious communities together with the aim of increasing mutual understanding and respect. 

As a fellowship, the Nevada Interfaith Association promotes collaboration and cooperation, encourages  information sharing between faiths and advances multi‐faith participation.  We foster a climate that favors diverse religious and spiritual expression. We work with our members and the community at large to support inclusion, kindness, charity, love, and respect among all religious groups and peoples of Nevada.

Our goal is to understand and honor all faiths, cultures, and beliefs. We create an environment of understanding through communication, having an open mind and open heart, and joining together to focus on what unites us while respecting how we differ.  We hold as a high-value religious freedom and liberty in Nevada. It is a liberty protected by our First Amendment of the United States Constitution through the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses.

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The logo of the Nevada Interfaith Association is a visual representation of our diversity. The individual color petals are in the shape of the great state of Nevada, each coming together to create a beautiful and diverse color palette, representative of the multi-faith and spiritual organization and people that join together to create a whole community, the Nevada Interfaith Association.


Northern Nevada, in particular the Reno-Sparks-Carson City region, has a 60-year history of interfaith relations in northern Nevada that has solidified the region as a national example of interfaith cooperation.

The history goes back as far as the mid-1960s with the establishment of the northern Nevada chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, which was founded in 1927 as the National Coalition of Christians and Jews (NCCJ). NCCJ’s founders included prominent social activists such as Jane Addams and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes who dedicated the organization to bringing diverse people together to address interfaith divisions.

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The Coordinating Council of the NIA is a group of diverse religious leaders from our community. We Gather semi-monthly to chart the course of the organization. Members are elected and diversity is ensured by careful consideration. Any full member of the NIA can be elected to the Coordinating Council.