Speaking Out

A Clarification on NIA’s Political Positions

Nevada Interfaith Association’s goal continues to be to promote a favorable climate for diverse religious expression. We have operated successfully as a varied religious body for many years. As an organized multi-faith community we pray for the leaders of our city and state communities.

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Letter from Nevada Interfaith Association on Discrimination and Social Injustice

“What does the Lord require of you but to do justice,
and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8) “By love alone is hatred ended, this is an eternal law.“ (Dhammapada 1:5)

Statement Against Discrimination and Injustice

As people of faith we condemn in the strongest terms the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. We stand together and open our hearts to the suffering of our brothers. We want everyone who reads this to know, “Your life matters to us!” We work for justice through education, prayer, and reconciliation. We will not stop until there is justice for all people.

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Volunteer for Battle Born Medical Corp in Nevada

The State Emergency Registry of Volunteers-Nevada (SERV-NV) is a secure, web-based system used to register, qualify and credential Nevada’s healthcare professionals before a major public health or medical emergency. From this site registrants may elect to join local Medical Reserve Corps, Statewide Volunteer Pool, or Mental Health Crisis Counselors.

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Worldwide Fasting for Covid-19 Relief

There is power in fasting and prayer. At this time in our nation and throughout the world, the need to plead for mercy is felt around the globe. If you are interested in participating in a worldwide fast this coming Friday, April 10, 2020, please note the information in the poster below and join with other like-minded, faithful people who are fasting for the pandemic to be controlled, the protection of heath care workers, the recovery of the economy and the return to our normalized lives.

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Embracing Community In Prayer During Covid-19 Offerings from Northern Nevada’s Interfaith Community Monday Morning Offering

In our daily lives, we are aware through the media of criminal activities, famine, wars, natural disasters, terrorist activities, corruption and disease which causes any of us to experience fear. Living in Reno, to a large extent, we have not been subjected to the calamities which we read about and see on TV in the overwhelming numbers that affect others in distant locations. Until now, that is, for today the global threat of Covid-19 has the capability of spreading far and wide and ultimately, it has come to our community. This threat is altering all of our lives and is producing great fear and anxiety.

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In the spirit of responsibility and community well-being, the Nevada Interfaith Association had to cancel the much-anticipated annual Nevada Prayer Breakfast scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Despite the disappointment, we know that we do best when we work together for the mutual well-being of our community.

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NIA Coordinating Council issues a statement on violence in the world and addresses Sri Lankan Bombings

In light of the violence and increasing assaults in our country, in the world and based on the attacks on Sri Lanka, the Coordinating Council for the Nevada Interfaith Association issues a statement that as a body of diverse religious and spiritual leaders and associated members of the community at large, that we are devastated by the violence perpetuated on a peaceful people. We mourn with those who mourn and pray for those who are seeking spiritual and physical healing at this difficult time.

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