Embracing Community in Prayer During Covid-19

Offerings from Northern Nevada’s Interfaith Community


In the spirit of responsibility and community well-being, the Nevada Interfaith Association had to cancel the much-anticipated annual Nevada Prayer Breakfast scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Despite the disappointment, we know that we do best when we work together for the mutual well-being of our community.

The NPB 2020 Planning Committee has organized a way for us to stay connected virtually in prayerful support of our state and community this week from April 6 through April 12, during which time we would have normally come together in person.

Here, then, are prayers, reflections, meditations and messages from members of our NPB 2020 Planning Committee, members of the NIA Coordinating Council and other leaders of our diverse interfaith community.


We send every wish for our individual and common health as we offer intercession for the health of our community, our state, our nation and the world. And we hope these messages bring comfort, solace and some joy in this uncertain and unprecedented time.

In the spirit of health and well-being, we urge all spiritual and religious communities to follow the directives of our Nevada mayors of our governor and of the CDC and World Health Organization. Please practice sheltering at home and social distancing to protect yourselves and the ones you love.

For up to date information on the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to these helpful web sites:



A Message from the Mayor of the City of Reno to Nevada’s Interfaith Community

“Our world is forever changed because of the pandemic that has taken the health and lives of so many across the planet. Yet this is not a time for fear and panic, but rather a time to reflect on the true meaning of life and humanity. For those who observe their faith, and for those agnostic, atheistic or unaffiliated with religion, we are all united. We are united by our common good and the connections we all share, no matter our differing beliefs and practices. We will rise together and thrive.”

― Mayor Hillary Schieve

About NIA:

While religions have their own unique beliefs and legacies, in terms of values, there is much they share in common. Therefore, the Nevada Interfaith Association exists as a welcoming multi-faith network of religious and spiritual leaders in Nevada to bring diverse religious77
communities together with the aim of increasing mutual understanding and respect. As a fellowship, the Nevada Interfaith Association promotes collaborative and cooperative relations, encourages the sharing of information among all faiths, advances multi-faith participation, and fosters a climate favorable to diverse religious expression. The Nevada Interfaith Association works with its members and the community at large to support inclusion, kindness, charity, love, and respect among all religious groups and residents of Nevada.

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