To: Nevada Interfaith Association

From: Temple Sinai


Embracing Community In Prayer During Covid-19 

Offerings from Northern Nevada’s Interfaith Community

Tuesday Morning Offering

Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us:

You who are the Source of all blessings, be with this community and all of its members, their families and their households. Fervently we invoke Your blessing upon our community, city, state, and our world.

May our leaders, those in positions of leadership and responsibility, those we have set in authority, and those entrusted with our wellbeing and safety, sustain us. May they be blessed with vision. May their humility and empathy guide them as they guide us. May their strength, sacrifice, and sight be our help.

May we be blessed with vision. May we be able to see each other, as brothers and sisters, as a family united. May we see our neighbors as ourselves. May we be able to see those who struggle, and see ways to offer aid, assistance, and comfort. May we see each other across our distances, our fear, and even our grief. May we see instances of humanity and goodness, amidst the darkness and fog of isolation. May we see as miracles, the achievements and accomplishments, even small, that make us healthy and whole again. May we see a future of health, happiness, and peace.

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, po-kayach ivreem.

Praised are You, Adonai, Sovereign of the Universe, who opens our eyes.

Submitted by Rabbi Benjamin Zober

Temple Sinai