To: Nevada Interfaith Association
From: Nevada Interfaith Association’s President

Nevada Interfaith Association’s goal continues to be to promote a favorable climate for diverse religious expression. We have operated successfully as a varied religious body for many years. As an organized multi-faith community we pray for the leaders of our city and state communities.

We are aware of many varied political opinions in this unsettled time. We do not support nor subscribe to a political bent, nor do we circulate or distribute to our membership and mailing list any who would desire to use our email platform for that purpose. 

Our mission continues: “The Nevada Interfaith Association (NIA) fosters the sharing of information among all faiths, advancing multi-faith participation and promoting a climate favorable to diverse religious expression in Nevada. NIA upholds religious freedom and liberty in Nevada under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Accordingly, NIA offers the service of forwarding information from members, associates, and affiliates to the NIA email listserv. Emails that are not contrary to NIA’s purpose will be transmitted but must not be political in nature.

Messages that are demeaning, hateful or unkind will not be transmitted to the listserv. NIA reserves the right to decline to forward an email that does not meet the above stated criteria as determined by NIA officers under their complete discretion.  Finally, by this email, NIA neither endorses or supports the organization originating the contents of this email. Therefore, NIA takes no responsibility for the message and opinions disclosed by the original sender.